Niche Environmental and Heritage

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Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management, Benthic Infauna Sampling and Identification, Biodiversity Assessment, Decommissioning of Marine Infrastructure, Derelict Mine Bat Surveys, Environmental Assessment and Approval, Environmental Assessment and Monitoring of Dredging Programs, Environmental Offsets, Environmental Services for Roads, Estuarine Mapping and Monitoring, Exploration and Mining, Fisheries Studies, Freshwater Ecology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Habitat Replacement, Hardrock Exploration Geology, Intertidal and Subtidal Surveys, Landowner Access Negotiation for Exploration Programs, Legal and Legislative Support, Marine and Coastal Ecology, Marine Mammal Surveys and Management, Mine Rehabilitation, Mining Operations Plans (MOPs), Oil Spill Management Plans and Incident Response, Pre-feasibility Assessments of Greenfield Sites, Research, Scientific Diving, Site Closure Assessments, Soil Analysis and Characterisation for Rehabilitation, Specialists Marine Ecology Reports, Vegetation Clearing Monitoring, Wastewater Outfall Monitoring, Wildlife Schools
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Niche Environmental and Heritage
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Level 1, 19 Sorrell Street
Parramatta New South Wales
+61 2 9630 5658
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