El Tigre Ventilation Systems

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Airmovers, Commissioning, Dry Dedusters, Dusts and Gases Remover, Fabric Flexible Duct, Flexible Duct Rental, Flexible Duct Repair, Flexible Ventilation, High Pressure Fan Rentals, High Pressure Fans for Underground Ventilation, Hoses and Flexible Ducts, Installation, Measuring Instruments, Onsite & Offsite Repairs, Performance Testing, Power Bags, Pressure Stoppers, Rolling Doors for Mining Tunneling, Simulation Programs, Supply & Fitment, Transit Curtains, Ventilation Design, Ventilation System Repair and Maintenance
Company Information
El Tigre Ventilation Systems http://www.eltigresouthafrica.co.za
Office Information
20 Mulder Street
Bronkhorstspruit Gauteng
South Africa
+27 72 773 3227
Percy Ndawonde
Brian Muntesi
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