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Advanced Finite ElementMethod, Advanced Drilling and Blasting Engineering, Advanced Explosives Engineering, Advanced Foundation Design and Analysis, Advanced Mineral Exploration Field Mapping, Advanced Minerals Exploration, Advanced Rock Mechanics, Advanced Soil Mechanics, Advanced Topics in Explosives Engineering, Advanced Topics in Mineral Engineering, Applied Economic Geology, Applied Explosives Engineering, Applied Geomechanics, Computer Modeling of Detonations, Computer Application in Geotechnical Engineering, Design and Construction of Underground Design and Construction of Underground Openings, Design of Structures, Detonation Theory, Drilling and Blasting Engineering, Economic Analysis, Environmental Issues, Exploration and FieldMapping, Fracture Mechanics, Geostatistics and Mineral Evaluation, Health and Safety, Industrial Minerals, Introduction to Mineral Engineering, Legal Aspects of Mineral Engineering, Mine Systems, Mine Ventilation, Mine Waste Characterization, Mine Waste Management and Control, Mineral Processing - Including Leaching, Mineral Deposits, Mineral Economics, Mining Lab, Ore Petrography, Rock and Soil Plasticity, Rock Fracturing and Fragmentation by Explosives, Rock Mechanics, Senior Design, Senior Design II, Site Investigation, Soil Mechanics, Stability of Rock Slopes, Surveying and Map Preparation, Vibration Analysis and Control, Wave Propagation
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New Mexico Tech
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Mineral Engineering Department
801 Leroy Place
Socorro Nei Mongol
United States
+1 (575) 835-5345 +1 (575) 835-5252
Navid Mojtabai (Dr.)
Department Chair
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