Microlene Coolers

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DO meters, Dosing pumps, DPD tablets, Drinking fountains, Filter coal, Filter media, Flow meters, Fly killers, Garnet, Giardia removal, Ion exchange, Iron filters, Medium pressure UV systems, Microfiltration, Mineral water sterilisers, Mixed oxidant generators, Multimedia filters, Neutrafil, Neutralising filters, Oil filter, ORP meters, Ozonators, Ozone generators, pH correction, pH meters, Photometers, Pooltesters, Purifiers, Reverse osmosis, Sand, Sand filters, Softeners, Sterilisers, Strainers, Tank water treatment, TDS meters, Test kits, Turbidity meters, Ultra violet, Ultra violet insect killers, UV disinfection, UV lamps, Waste water disinfection, Water analysis, Water boilers, Water coolers, Water disinfection, Water filters, Water purifiers, Water steriliser, Water testing, Water treatment, Activated alumina, Air filters, Anthracite, Cartridge filters, Chlorination, Clerify, Akdolit, Bag filters, Carbon, Carbon filters, Ceramic filters, Chemical dosing, Chlorine generators, Chlorine testing, Coalescers, Comparators, Conductivity meters, Cryptosporidium removal, Cyst removal, Deionisers, Disinfection
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Microlene Coolers http://www.microlene.co.nz/
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7 Rockridge Avenue
New Zealand
09 570 9135 09 527 7654
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