AIL Mining

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Aluminum Pipe, Bolt-A-Bin, Bolt-A-Plate, Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP), Dur-A-Span, Escapeway Lining, Four Flange structural shaft and tunnel lining, Gabions, Geotextile Reinforced Soil Bridges (GRS), Ground Support Structures, Guiderail System, Hi-Flo Pipe, Mine Shafts and Vent Raises, Modular Bridges, Overcast Structures, Pipe Systems, Portals and Canopies, Precast Panel Walls, Steel Sheet Piling, STORMAWAY Stormwater Management Systems, Structural Plate, Super-Cor, Two-Stage Precast Walls, Underground safety structures, Wall Systems, Wire Walls
Company Information
AIL Mining
Office Information
PO Box 1006, 3155 Route 935
Dorchester New Brunswick
E4K 3V5
+1 289-775-8958
Don Michaluk
Director of Mining
S├ębastien Gauthier
Business Development - Mining
Office Information
Big R Bridge
PO Box 1290
Greeley Colorado
United States
+1-970-356-9600 +1-970-356-9621
Bob Crossk
Mining Sector Manager - Eastern USA
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