Canadian Dewatering LP

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Accessories, Air Operated, Air Relief, Aluminum, Bauer, Bauer Fittings, Booster, Butterfly, Butterfly Valves, Camlocks, Centrifugal, Check, Check Valves, Chemical, Chemical Resistant, Clamps, Couplers, Deep Well, Deep Well Systems, Dewatering, Diaphragm, Diesel, Diesel or Electric, Discharge, Drainage, Dredge, Dri Prime, Effluent, Electric, Fire, Flanges, Footvalves, Gate Valves, Gauges, Generators, HDPE, Headers, High Pressure Jetting, Hoses, Injection, Jetting, Knife, Lay Flat, Line Shaft, Lobe Mucking, Manifolds, Pipe Fittings, Pipe Nipples, Pipes & Valves, Piston, Progressive Cavity, Pumps, PVC, Rubber, Sediment Filters, Self Priming, Sewage, Solids Handling, Split Case, Steel, Strainers, Submersible, Suction, Sump, Surface, Swing Assemblies, Trash, Turbine, Underground & Surface Dewatering, Vacuum, Victualic, Victualic Fittings, Waste, Well Point, Yelomine Restraint Joint
Company Information
Canadian Dewatering LP
Office Information
Head Office
8350 1st Street, NW
Edmonton Alberta
T6P 1X2
+1 (780) 400 2260 +1 (780) 400 2261
+1 800 328 3494
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