PJM Industrial (Australia)

Product/Services List

Air Hydraulic Pumps, Barrel & Wedge Swaging Jacks, Bridge Jacks, Electric Hydraulic Pumps, Engine & Transmission Repair Stands, Foot Pumps, Grout Pumps, Hand Pumps, Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacture, Hydraulic Jack Stands, Hydraulic Jacking & Maintenance Equipment, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Workshop Presses, Load Skates & Lifting Systems, Mechanical Jack Stands, Nut Splitters, Onioning Jacks, Petrol Hydraulic Pumps, Post Tensioning Jacks, Prestressing Jacks, Strand Cutters, Strand Feeders, Strand Pushers, Stud Bolt Tensioners, Swaging Jacks, Torque Wrenches, Wavor Torque Wrenches
Company Information
PJM Industrial (Australia) http://www.pjmindustrial.com.au/
Office Information
Factory 29, 26-28 Roberna Street
Moorabbin Victoria
+61 3 9553 4882
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