Transformer Services Pty Ltd

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100 kva Portable Power Plant, 20 Ton Crane Hire, Cable Joining, Cable Laying, Cable Location, Cable Pulling, Circuit Breakers Installation, Concreting, Construction, Draining and Disposal of Transformer Oil, Drop Deck Semi Hire (27 Ton), Dry Outs, Earthing, EWP Hire, Hot Jointing, HV and LV Bushings, Isolation Panels, Labour Hire, Level 3 Safety Observers, NATA Testing, New Transformers and Shunt Reactors, Oil Circulation, Oil Regeneration Service, Onsite Oil Circulation, Pole Plating, Pot Holing, Pressure Testing, Regasketing, Removal of all Substation Components, Removal of Contaminated Ground Soil, Removal of Old Concrete Slabs and Plinths, Removal of Poles and Fencing, Salvaging, Servicing and Repair of Oil / Water Separators, Site Reclamation, Substation Fencing, Switchgear Installation, Tap Changer Servicing, Terminations, Testing, Transformer Refurbishments, Turnkey Projects, Vacuum Filling, Vacuum Truck Hire

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Transformer Services Pty Ltd
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9 Almond Court
Salisbury, Western Australia
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T: +1 604 683 2037
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