Kal Tire Mining Tire Group

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<49" Tires, >49" Tires, Chains, Fitting Tools, Heat Studies, O Rings, Pressure Maintenance, Qualified Earth Mover Fitters, Reporting, Retreading, Rim Testing and Refurbishment, Rust Inhibitor, Site Managers, Tire Awareness, Tire Demand Forecasting, Tire Facility Layout and Design, Tire Fitting, Tire Handling Equipment, Tire Inventory Management, Tire Management System, Tire Manufacturer Interaction, Tire Repairs, Tire Warranty Advice, Training, V Box, Valve Hardware, Weight Studies, Wheel Components
Company Information
Kal Tire Mining Tire Group http://kaltiremining.com
Office Information
1540 Kalamaka Lake Road
Vernon British Columbia
V1T 6N6
+1 877 525 8473 customerservice@kaltire.com
Bob Wallis
Senior VP, Mining Tire Group
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