Petron Corporation

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Aggressive EP Type Products, EP Gear Oils Type Products, EP Grease Type Products, EP Softening Lubricant Type Products, Full Synthetic Type Products, Gear Shield NC, Graphite Gel Type Products, High Solids EP Grease Type Products, O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Endorsed Lubricants, RailRoad Grease Type Products, Residual Type Products, Semi-Synthetic Type Products, Specialty Lubricants, Water/Graphite Type Products
Company Information
Petron Corporation
Office Information
16800 Glendale Drive
New Berlin Wisconsin
United States
+1 (262) 797-4680 +1 (262) 796-1080
+1 800 757-5796
John McHale
Vice Pres. - Mktg. & Sales
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