EA Energy Alternatives Ltd.

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Alternative Energy Power Systems, Backup Power Systems, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Cottage Systems, Design of Electrical Power Systems, Full-Time Systems, Generators, Grid Intertie, Installation of Electrical Power Systems, Inverters, Maintenance of Electrical Power Systems, Microhydro, Photovoltaic, Pumps, Renewable Energy General Contractor, RV Systems, Sale of Electrical Power Systems, Water Pumping Systems, Wind Towers, Wind Turbines

Company Information
EA Energy Alternatives Ltd. http://www.energyalternatives.ca/
Office Information
#5 - 4217 Glanford Ave.
Victoria British Columbia
V8Z 4B9
+1 250 727-2286
1 800 265-8898 sales@energyalternatives.ca
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