Polyline Industries Pty Ltd

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ANFO Storage Boxes, Detonator Storage Boxes, Fan and Bag Adaptors, Fan Silencers & Accessories, Fire Retardant Anti Static Detonator Boxes, Flygt Pump Floats, Grout Mixing Tanks, Grout Tanks, Hose Reels, Hot Butt Welders, Intake Cones, Modular Ventilation Ducting, Oblique Ventilation Ducting, Polyduct Fittings, Polyduct Ventilation Ducting, Polyethylene Fan Silencers, Positive and Negative Pressure Systems, Protective Door Liners, Self Regulating Fan Cover, Service Pipe Hangars, Vent Bag Protector, Vent Ducting and Fittings, Vent Wall Adaptor
Company Information
Polyline Industries Pty Ltd http://www.polyline.com.au/
Office Information
Lot 49 Cutler Road
Jandakot Western Australia
+61 8 9414 1535 +61 8 9414 1452
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