Brickhouse Environmental

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Act 2 Liability Releases, Air Quality Consulting, Base Mapping, Bearing Testing, Certified Asbestos Inspections, Compost Facilities, Concrete Sub-Grade Foundation Verification, Depth to Rock, Environmental Remediation, Environmental Site Investigation Report, Geotechnical Investigations, Industrial Compliance, Installing Instruments, ISRA Investigations, Landfill Compliance Monitoring, Landfill Construction Management and Certification, Landfill Design, Landfill Permitting, Landfill Siting, Legal Coordination with Environmental Attorney, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Regulated Fill Management, Regulatory Monitoring and Reporting, Residual and Hazardous Waste Management Residual and Hazardous Waste Management, Soil and Groundwater Cleanups, Solar Site Development, Solid Waste Management, Spill Prevention Plans, Stormwater Testing, Structural Engineering Design and Inspection, Superfund Sites, Transaction Screen Assessments, Transfer Station Design and Permitting, Underground Tank Locating and Testing, Underground Tank Removal / Closure, Zoning Approvals
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Brickhouse Environmental
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515 S. Franklin Street
West Chester ParĂ¡
United States
+1 (610) 692-5770 +1 (610) 692-8650
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