Gensym Corporation

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Crucial Real-Time Application Software, G2 Enterprise, G2 Layered Applications, G2 Standard, Graphical Coordination Of Business Processes And Workflows, Mission-Critical Reliability, Natural Language Rule Definition, Object Modeling For Understandability And Reusability, Rapid Prototyping To Involve And Engage End Users, Real-time Expert System G2®, Real-Time Reasoning For Time-Critical Decisions, Software Solutions, Task Priority Scheduling, Unified Deployment Platform for Greater Productivity, Unified Modeling Platform For Greater Productivity, Unified Simulation Platform for Greater Productivity, Updating In Run Mode To Immediately Adapt Logic
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Gensym Corporation
Office Information
6011 West Courtyard Drive, Suite 300
Austin Texas
United States
+1 512-377-9700 +1 512-874-8900
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