Baker Hughes

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APEX Big Bore Systems, Completion Fluids & Services, Completion Systems, Coring Services, Deepwater, Deepwater Upper Completions, Directional Drilling, Drill Bits, Drilling Fluids Systems, Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP), Flow Control, Fluids Environmental Services, GeoThermal, HI-M-PACTâ„¢ Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors, High-Pressure/High-Temperature, Inflatable Systems, Integrated FE, Integrated Formation Evaluation, Liner Hangers, Measurement While Drilling, Multilaterals/Expandables, Oil/Water Separation & Treatment Systems, Packer Systems, Perforating Systems, Pipeline Services & Management, Production Services, Reservoir & Petrophysical Analysis, Reservoir Management, Safety Systems, Sand Control, Service Tools, Specialty Chemical Programs, Surface Logging Systems, Thru-Tubing Intervention, Water Management, Well Monitoring, Wireline Logging, Workover Services
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Baker Hughes
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3900 Essex Lane, Suite 1200
Houston Texas
United States
+1 (713) 439-8600 +1 (713) 439-8699
Ron Bitto
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