Pro-Ex Trading Co. Inc.

Product/Services List

Alternators for Electric Haul Trucks, Axle Boxes for Electric Haul Trucks, B.E. Blast Hole Drills, B.E. Elec. Shovel Draglines, Brakes, Brakes for Electric Haul Trucks, Breaking Grids for Electric Haul Trucks, Cabs/Tinware, Cabs/Tinware for Electric Haul Trucks, Cabs/Tinware for Mechanical Haul Trucks, CAT Mechanical Haul Trucks, CAT Wheel Loaders, Cylinders for Electric Haul Trucks, Cylinders for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Cylinders/Valves, Demag Hyd. Shovel Backhoes, Dresser Wheel Loaders, Drilltech Blast Hole Drills, Driveline/Brakes for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Electrical Cabinates for Electric Haul Trucks, Engine Modules for Hydraulic Excavator Shovel/Backhoe, Engines for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Engines/Modules for Electric Haul Trucks, Euclid Electric Haul Trucks, Euclid Mechanical Haul Trucks, Ground Engaging, Hitachi Hyd. Shovel Backhoes, Hyd Pumps/Motors, Hyd. Shovels Backhoes Engines, I.R. Blast Hole Drills, Komatsu Electric Haul Trucks, Komatsu Mechanical Haul Trucks, Letourneau Wheel Loaders, Marion Elec. Shovels Dragline, Michigan Wheel Loaders, O & K Hyd. Shovels Backhoes, P & H Elec. Shovels Draglines, P & H Hyd. Shovels Backhoes, Parts/Consumables for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Pins/Bushings, Pumps/Valves for Electric Haul Trucks, Pumps/Valves for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Rads/Coolers, Rads/Coolers for Electric Haul Trucks, Rads/Coolers for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Rearends for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Slew Rings, Spindles/Hubs for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Sprindles/Hubs for Electric Haul Trucks, Suspensions for Electric Haul Trucks, Suspensions for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Terex Electric Haul Trucks, Terex Mechanical Haul Trucks, Tires/Rims for Electric Haul Trucks, Tires/Rims for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Trans/Gear Boxes, Transmissions for Mechanical Haul Trucks, Undercarriage, Unit Rig Electric Haul Trucks, Wabco/Dresser Electric Haul Trucks, Wabco/Dresser Mechanical Haul Trucks, Wheel Motors for Electric Haul Trucks

Company Information
Pro-Ex Trading Co. Inc.
Office Information
Box 300
St. Albert Alberta
T8N 2G3
+1 (780) 459-8181 +1 (780) 459-8199
Bill Lukacs
Luis Figueroa
Latin America Bus. Dev. Manager
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