JVS Projects (Pvt) Ltd.

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A.C.Bs, MCCBs, MCBs, Isolators, Air Circuit Breakers, Auto Reclosers, Building Management Systems, Cable and Accessories, Control Transformers, Disconnectors, DLV Switchgear and Accessories, Electric Motors, Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Generators, Gulley Rigs and Boxes, HV/MV Capacitors, Instrument Transformers, Isolators, Lighting Systems and Fittings, Low Voltage Distribution Panels, Low Voltage Equipment, Main Distribution Boards, Medium Voltage Equipment, Metering Units, Mini Substations, Motor Control Centres, Oil Circuit Breakers, Power Factor Correction Analyzers and Equipment, Protection Relays, Reactive Power Compensation, Reactive Power Management, Resin Encapsulated Busbar Systems, Ring Main Units, SF6 Contactors, Soft Starters, Specialised Lighting, Stand Alone Starters, Sub Distribution Boards, Substation Automation/Alarm System, Substation Maintenance, Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Variable Speed Drives, Wiring Accessories
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JVS Projects (Pvt) Ltd. http://www.jvsprojects.com/contact-us.html
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20 Harrow Road, Msasa,Harare, Zimbabwe
+263 4446679 +363 4446631
Craig Batten
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