Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd

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Auto-Control System for Coking Coal Mixing, Auto-Control System for Dispensing Systems, Auto-Control System for Whole Beneficiation Process, Automatic Ball Feeders, Automatic Crusher Control Systems, Automatic Dewatering Tank Control Systems, Automatic Distributing Control Systems, Automatic Dosing Control Systems, Automatic Enrichment Control Systems, Automatic Flotation Separation Control Systems, Automatic Grinding Classification Control Systems, Automatic Separation Control Systems, Automatic Swirler Control Systems, Automatic Three-Water Balancing Control Systems, Coke Oven Heating Optimization Control Systems, Coking Chemical Production and Recovery Auto-Control Sytems, Dust Collectors, Flashing Nuclear Radiation Level Meters, GPS-Based Intelligent Vehicle Scheduling System for Open-Pit Mines, Haulage Motor Optimization, Scheduling, Decision-Making and Analysis Systems, Industrial Application Software, Infrared Moisture Analyzers, Isolating Modules, Mine Safety Inspection Systems, Mine-Wide Wireless MESH Network Coverage Systems, Moisture Analyzers, Nuclear Scales, Off-line Rapid Ash Content Analyzers, On-line Coal Ash Meters, On-line Concentration Density Meters, On-line Neutron Activation Cement Element Analyzers, On-line Ore Pulp Grade Analyzers, On-Line Tailing Pond Safety Monitoring System, On-line X-Ray Fluorescence Multi-Element Analyzers, Ore Grade On-line Detectors, Personnel Management System for Mines, Portal-Type Radiation Monitoring Systems, Radar Level Meters, Scanning Liquid Level Meters, Series Intelligent Vehicle-Mounted Terminal Products, Sintering and Pelletizing Auto-Control Systems, Site Calibrators, Slope Stability Detection System, Ultrasonic Level Meters, Ultrasonic Particle Size Analyzers, Voice Alarms, Water Content Auto-Control Systems, Water Gas Furnace Auto-Control Systems, Whole-Process Auto-Control System for Coal Washery


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Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd http://en.dfmc.cc/
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No.136, Binjiang M. Road, Yanjiang Development Zone
Dandong Liaoning
+86 415 3862214 +86 415 3860256
Lili Zhao
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