Hydrotech Engineering Pumps (Pty) Limited

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Bolting Services, Castings, Centrifugal Pumps, Chemical Process Pumps, Chemical Transfer Pumps, Diaphragm & Piston Dosing Pumps, Dual Plate Check Valves, End Suction Pumps, Epoxy Resin Pumps, Forged Check Valves, Forged Gate Valves, Gear Pumps, Globe Valves, High Efficiency Transfer Pump, Horizontal Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Leak Sealing, Plain End Hydrostatic Testing, Pump and Valve Products, Pump and Valve Refurbishment, Pump and Valve Repair, Pumps & Accessories, Solar Pumping System, Stainless Steel Pumps, Submersible Motors, Submersible Pumps, Valve Testing, Valves, Vertical Spindle Sump Pumps, Wafer Type Check Valves, Waste Water Surface Pump
Company Information
Hydrotech Engineering Pumps (Pty) Limited http://www.hydrotechengineering.co.za/
Office Information
Block B2 Edison Square, Corner Of Century Avenue And Edison Way, Capetown
Cape Town Eastern Cape
South Africa
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