Earth Data Northeast, Inc.

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Assist in the development and negotiation of contracts for technical services, Assure that project deliverables are prepared in a manner consistent with Administrative Orders and/or Consent Decrees, Borehole Geophysical and Video Surveys Borehole Geophysical and Video Surveys, Computer Modeling, Coordinate bidding process with consultants and contractors, Coordinate internal and external meetings, Coordinate review and comments on draft deliverables, Develop and track project schedules, Environmental Impact Assessments for Mine Construction and Operations, Final Remedy Selection and Implementation, Groundwater Characterization and Monitoring, Litigation Support and Expert Testimony, Log interpretation and analysis services are available upon request., Long Term Sampling/Monitoring, Maintain technical leadership working with consultants and contractors, Negotiate with and serve as technical liaison with federal and state regulators, Periodically Prepare Executive Summaires on Other Information, Periodically Prepare Executive Summaries on Cost, Periodically Prepare Executive Summaries on Schedule Information, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Due Diligence, Prepare Annual Reports on site activities, Regulatory Relations and Negotiation, Remedial Design, Superfund Site Investigation
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Earth Data Northeast, Inc.
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924 Springdale Drive
Exton ParĂ¡
United States
+1 (610) 524-9466 +1 (610) 524-9482
David Fennimore
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