Osmoflo Pty Ltd

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Analytical Instrumentation Packages for Precision Measurement, Cleaning Wastewater for Reuse on Site, Cleaning Water Prior to Release Back into the Natural Environment, Demineralization of Water, Desalination of Drinking Water and General Use Water, High Purity Water for Processing Ore and Minerals, Pure Water for Gas Turbines, Purification of Source Water for Industrial Purposes, Reducing Salf Disposal Risk, Removal of Hydrocarbons from Wastewater, Removal of Silica and Iron Found in Wastewater, Treatment of High Temperature Water, Treatment of Mine Drainage Water for Release Back into Natural Water Catchments, Treatment Process Water for Reuse, Wastewater Disposal, Water for Gas Turbine Operation
Company Information
Osmoflo Pty Ltd http://www.osmoflo.com.au
Office Information
15 Trade Road
Unit 1
Malaga Western Australia
+08 9241 8500
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