Standard Machine Ltd.

Product/Services List

1250 H.P. Triple Reduction Conveyor Drive, Crusher and Apron Feeder Shafts, Custom Reducers, Field Service Expertise Commissioning Supervision and Inspection, Forced Lubrication System, Mill Ring Gears and Pinions, Parallel Shaft Line, Repair and Reconditioning of all brands of Gear Drives, Right Angle Drive Line, Shovel and Dragline Gearing and Shafting and other related parts, Worm Gear Line
Company Information
Standard Machine Ltd.
Office Information
18637-57th Avenue
Edmonton Alberta
+1 (780) 487-8855 +1 (780) 444-9160
Jason Young
V.P. Sales
Office Information
Saskatoon Head Office
868-60th Street East
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
S7K 8G8
+1 (306) 931-3343 +1 (306) 931-4741
1-800-329-GEAR (4327)
Greg Porter
President and CEO
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