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Antrac, Chemical Analysis, Contamination Monitors, Density Measurement, Distillation and Separation Towers, FFC Units, Flare Systems, Flow Assurance, Flow Profile, Heat Exhangers and Condensers, Inspection, Interface Measurement, Interwell Study Waterflood, Mud Monitor, Nucleonic Instrumentation, Nucleonic Level Measurement, Nucleonic Profiling, Oil and Gas Processing, Outlets for Consumer Fuel Products, Petrochemical and Refineries, Pipeline Services, Piping Systems, Radiation Monitor Calibration, Radiation Monitor Hire, Radiation Monitors, Radiation Protection, Radiochemistry Analysis, Reactors, Reservoir Analysis, Resevoir Characterization, Resevoir Management, Separator / Desalters the Tracerco Profiler, Slug Monitoring, Tanks / Spheres, Wellbore Study, Wreck Removal and Salvage
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UK (Headquarters) - General Enquiries
The Moat, Belasis Hall Technology Park
Company No. 4496566
Billingham Co. Durham
United Kingdom
TS23 4ED
+44 (0)1642 375500 +44 (0)1642 370704
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