Frontier Computer

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Abralloy®, Abrasion Resistant Filter and Conveyor Belts, Accessories, ArmorCloth® and ArmorLink®, Cables, Candle Filter Bags, Centrifuge Liners, Cerafil®, Cerafil® Green, Cerafil® TopKat, Cerafil® XS, Compact Filter Elements, Components, Coreflo®, Drum Covers, Dual-Tex®, Durotex®, Dust Filter Bags, Filter Plates, Filter Press Fabrics, FilterLink®, Filtratex™, Fluidized Bed Dryer Bags, Glass Fiber Mat, Horizontal Vacuum Belts, Kelly Bags, MF®, Monodur®, Monoprint® and VS-Monoprint®, Networking, Notebooks and Handheld Computers, Pan Disc Covers, Peripherals, Polynova®, Pressure Leaf Covers, Screening Fabrics, Sifters & Connectors, Software, Sparkstop®, Specialty Filtration Products, Storage Devices, test Sieves, Tower Press Belts, Trak, Twin Wire Press Belts, Venturis & Gaskets, Vessel Bags
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Frontier Computer
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1755 West Broadway
Suite 105
Vancouver British Columbia
V6J 4S5
+1 (604) 739-8060 +1 (604) 739-8061
+1 (866) 800-8060
Sam Chan
Sales Manager
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