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Stancor, Inc.

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Chemical Resistant Submersible Drainage Pumps, Grinder Pump, Heavy-Duty Dewatering Pumps, Heavy-Duty Slurry Pumps Heavy-Duty Slurry Pumps, Heavy-Duty Wastewater and Grinder Pumps, Liquid Level Warning Devices, Low-Suction Submersible Drainage Pumps Low-Suction Submersible Drainage Pumps Low-Suction Submersible Drainage Pumps, MSHA Explosion-Proof Automatic Control, MSHA Explosion-Proof Manual Control, NEMA 4X Duplex Pump Control, NEMA 4X Simplex Pump Control, Oil-Minder Control System for Elevator Pits, Oil-Minder Control System for Utility Vaults, Plastic Submersible Utlility and Sump Pump, Poly and Fiberglas Basins and Covers
Company Information
Stancor, Inc. http://www.stancorpumps.com/
Office Information
515 Fan Hill Road
Monroe Connecticut
United States
+1 (203) 268-7513 +1 (203) 268-7958
Rich Mellinger
Vice President
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