Associated Steel Corporation

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Air Hardening Die Steel, Annealed Alloys, Chromium Carbide Overlay, Cold Drawn Alloys, Decarb Free Alloys, Decarb Free Die Steel, Formable Alloy 400 BHN, Formable Alloy 500 BHN, Hardened I.D. 600 BHN Pipe, High Strength Bars - Special Fabrications High Strength Bars - Special Fabrications, High Wear Die Steel, Hot Roll Alloys, Hot Roll TG&P Alloys, Non-Deforming Die Steel, Non-Magnetic 300 Series Stainless, Oil Hardening Die Steel, Plastics, Polyurethane, Pump Shaft Quality Stainless, Quench & Tempered Rolled Threaded Rod, Quench and Tempered Alloy 400 BHN, Quench and Tempered Alloy 500 BHN, Quench and Tempered Alloys, Quench and Tempered TG &P Alloys, Shock Resistant Die Steel, Stainless Products, Tool and Die Steels, Ultra High Molecular Weight, Wear Plates - Pipe - Special Fabrications
Company Information
Associated Steel Corporation
Office Information
18200 Miles Avenue
Cleveland Ohio
United States
1-800-321-9300 1-800-441-9303
Marc Cohen
Vice President
Howard Thomas
General Manager
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