David C. Fitch, Consulting Geologist

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Arrange Contacts, Arrange Itinerary, Arrange Logistics of Travel and Accommodations, Arrange Meetings, Arrange Mine tours, Design and Layout of Tour to Fit Client's Needs and Exploration Goals, Detailed Evaluation Exploration Potential of 400,000 Hectare Mining Claim in Mexico, Field Examination and Evaluation of National and International Mining Properties, Generating Exploration Targets, Geologic Orientation Tours in Mexico, Gold Properties Ranked in Order of Decreasing Gold Potential, Prepared Reports and Maps Summarizing all the Significant Gold Deposits, Publications, Recommend Key Mining Contacts in the Industry and Government, Regional Geologic Reconnaissance, Regional Grubstake Prospecting Programs, Sampling, Suggest a Sequence of the Best Mines to Visit, Suggest a Sequence of the Best Properties to Visit, Suggest a Sequence of the Best Prospects to Visit, Target Generation
Company Information
David C. Fitch, Consulting Geologist http://www.igeologist.com
Office Information
P.O. Box 70547
Reno Nevada
United States
+1 (775) 829-9990 +1 (775) 829-0705
David Fitch
Independent Consulting Geologist
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