Boojum Research Ltd.

Product/Services List

Acid Mine Drainage Management, Acid Reduction, Biological Polishing Processes, Decommissioning, Dust Control, Ecological Engineering, Erosion Control, Ferric Iron Removal, Floating Cattail Covers, Floating Cattail Rafts, Land Reclamation, Mine Waste Management, Natural Phosphate Rock, Nickel and Arsenic Removal from Waste Rock Seepage, Nitrogen Removal, Nitrogen Removal from Mine Effluent, Ra226 Removal, Reactive Phosphate Rock, Reduction of Acid Generation, Tailings Cover By Hardpan Formation, Water Management, Zinc Removal

Company Information
Boojum Research Ltd.
Office Information
1459 Pickwick Dr.
Mississauga Ontario
L5V 1V7
+1 (416) 861-1086
Margarete Kalin
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