Poulies Maska Inc.

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8000 Series, Adjustable Pitch Sheaves, Belt Tension Meter, Belts, BK2 Bushings, Bush Type Sheaves, Bushings and Hubs, Classical Sheaves, Elastomeric Couplings, Fixed Bore Sheaves, Fractional Fixed Bore, Heavy Duty Adjustable Pitch Sheaves, HTD Sprockets, Light Duty Series, Link V-Belts, Maska 4-Flex, Maska Flex, Maska Starflex, Narrow Sheaves, QD Interchangeable Bushings, QD Weld-On Hubs, Reducer Bushings, Sheave and Belt Gage, Short QD Bushings, Step Pulleys, Synchronous Drives, Taper Lock Bushings, Timing Pulleys, V-Belts, VP Series, XT Bushings, XT Hubs
Company Information
Poulies Maska Inc. http://www.pouliesmaska.com/
Office Information
Corporate Office
P.O. Box 2400
Fort Smith Appenzell-Ausserrhoden
United States
+1 479 646 4711
Office Information
180 Gagnon Blvd.
Ste-Claire Quebec
G0R 2V0
+1 418 883 3322
+1 800 463 8928
Yvon Fortier
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