Minconsult Exploration Services Ltd.

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Blasting & Trenching, Claim Staking - Nunavut, Claim Staking - Sask, Claim Staking - Yukon, Claim Staking -NWT, Community / First Nations liaison and consultation, Exploration Project Staffing - Camp Attendants, Exploration Project Staffing - FAA, Exploration Project Staffing- Cooks, Extreme Drill Pad & Helipad Construction, Geochemical Surveys, Geological Mapping, Geological Prospecting, GIS Integration and Data Compilation, Ground Geophysical Surveys, Heli-portable RC Drilling, Local Workforce Training Programs (Core Cutting), Local Workforce Training Programs (Geochemical Sampling), Local Workforce Training Programs (Line Cutting), Northern Canada Logistics - Ice-Strip Construction, Northern Canada Logistics- Expediting, Placer Gold Property Testing and Development, Portable XRF (X-Ray Florescence) Field Analysis, Project Management, Remote Exploration Camp Construction and Operation, Technical Climbing and Geological Mapping & Sampling
Company Information
Minconsult Exploration Services Ltd. http://www.minconsult.ca
Office Information
10107 Coldstream Creek Road
Coldstream British Columbia
V1B 1C8
+1 (250) 542-4777 +1 (250) 542-4790
1-888-543-4777 info@minconsult.ca
Tim Bissett
Jim Donaldson
Senior Project Manager
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