Fairbanks Scales

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2500 Flash Series with Intalogix® Technology, 2800 Series Instrument with Intalogix® Technology, Bench Scales, Counting Scales, FB 3000 Solution Series Instruments, Floor Scales, Fork Truck Scales, General Industrial, Railroad Track Sales, Rodan® Megabar Heavy Duty 60K DTAC or 80K DTAC, Scale Store, Softbatch Recipe/Batching Software for the FB3000, Titan Steel Deck Above Ground Truck Scale, Weigh in Motion, Weighing Assemblies

Company Information
Fairbanks Scales http://www.fairbanks.com
Office Information
821 Locust
Kansas City Missouri
United States
+1 (816) 471-0231 +1 (816) 471-5951
+1 (800) 432-2448
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