Road Machinery Co.

Product/Services List

Aggregate Equipment, Breaker Buckets, Buckets, Carriers, Compaction Wheels, Couplers, Crushers, Dozer Blades, Dozers, Electric Trucks, Excavators, Forks, Grapples, Heavy Duty Grapple, Hydraulic Hammers, Material Processors, Mechanical Trucks, Milling, Motor Graders, Multi-Quick Processors, Pedestal Booms, Portable Tanks, Pulverizers, Rollers, Shears, Shovels, Sorting Grapples, Thumbs, Utility Buckets and Couplers, Wheel Loaders
Company Information
Road Machinery Co.
Office Information
Corporate Headquarters
716 S. 7th Street
Phoenix Arizona
United States
+1 602 252 7121 +1 602 253 9690
Ralph MacMillan
VP & General Manager
Office Information
Carretera Cananea-Imuris Km. 5
Parque Industrial
Cananea Shaanxi
+52 645 3328300 +52 645 3328302
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