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Ángulos Estructurales, Tees, Abrasion Resistant Plates, Ángulos de Alta Resistencia, Barras Cuadradas, Barras Hexagonales, Barras Redondas Calibradas, Barras Redondas Lisas, Beams H, Canales U, Channels U, Cutter Plates, Hexagonal Bars, High Resistance Angles, Industrial Structural Steel, Naval Plates, Plain Round Bars, Planchas Corten, Planchas Estriada LAC, Planchas Navales, Planchas Resistentes a la Abrasión, Planchas y Bobinas Laminadas en Caliente LAC, Planchas y Bobinas Laminadas en Frio LAF, Planchas y Bobinas Zincadas (Galvanizada), Plates and Cold Rolled Coils LAF, Plates and Galvanized Coils, Plates and Hot Rolled Coils LAC, Platinas, Round Calibrated Bars, Seamless Steel Tube ASTM A106, Seamless Steel Tube A53 Grado B, Seamless Steel Tube API 5L, Square Bars, Striated Plates LAC, Structural Angles, Tees, Tubes Black and Galvanized ISO 65, Tubes LAC Black Rectangular, Tubes LAC Black Round, Tubes LAC Black Square, Tubes Rectangular Welded LAF, Tubes Round Welded LAF, Tubes Square Welded LAF, Tubos de Acero sin Costura A53 Grado B, Tubos de Acero sin Costura API 5L, Tubos de Acero sin Costura ASTM A106, Tubos Electrosoldados Cuadrados LAF, Tubos Electrosoldados Rectangulares LAF, Tubos Electrosoldados Redondos LAF, Tubos LAC Negros Cuadrados, Tubos LAC Negros Rectangulares, Tubos LAC Negros Redondos, Tubos Negros y Galvanizados ISO 65, Vigas H
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Abinsur http://www.abinsur.pe/
Office Information
Av. Guillermo Dansey N° 1247
Lima Lima
+511 651-3852 +511 651-3858
Office Information
Jr. Lambayeque N° 107 Mariano Melgar
Arequipa Arequipa
(+054) 4504969 (+511) 454040
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