Giles Engineering Associates, Inc.

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Aggregates Accreditation, Asbestos Surveys and Lead Identification, Bearing Capacity, Brownfields Assistance (Financial), Brownfields Assistance (Strategic), Brownfields Assistance (Technical), Compliance Issues (Permitting), Compliance Issues (Program Development), Compliance Issues (Reporting), Concrete Accreditation, Construction Materials Testing (CMT), Decontamination, Design Recommendations, Earth Retention Systems (Retaining Walls), Embankments, Engineering and Testing, Environmental Borehole Backfill, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Management Systems and Auditing, Fill Placement and Compaction, Fireproofing, Forensic Engineering, Full Remediation Designs, Geotechnical Engineering, Geothermal Drilling and Installation, Groundwater Analysis, Groundwater Measurements, In-House Soil Mechanics and Construction Laboratories, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial Hygiene (IH), Liquefaction, Monitoring and Recovery Well Design and Installation, Noise Studies, Non-Destructive Testing, Occupational Health Program Development, Occupational Health Training Programs, OSHA Health Issue Consulting, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA's), Pressuremeter Testing, Rock Analysis, Sample Preservation, Sampling, Siesmic, Sinkhole and Mine Subsidence Evaluations, Site Condition Evaluations, Site Investigation and Corrective Action Planning, Slope Stability, Soil Accreditation, Soil Analysis, Soil Subgrade Monitoring, Subcontract Drilling / Well Installation, Subdrainage Systems, Subsurface Exploration (Drilling), Tunnels, Vibration Analysis, Well Development, Wetlands Assessments, Wind Power and High Speed Rail
Company Information
Giles Engineering Associates, Inc.
Office Information
N8 W22350 Johnson Drive, Suite A1
Waukesha Wisconsin
United States
+1 (262) 544-0118 +1 (262) 549-5868
+1 (800) 782-0610
Terry L. Giles
Charles Gresser
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