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The Carpenter Group of Rigging Companies

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Flex-X 35 Rotation-Resistant and Low-Torque Ropes, Adjust-A-Body Tensioner, Adjust-A-Jaw Tensioner, Amsteel Blue Rope, Beams, Boom Hoist Rope, Cable Railing, Campbell Chain, Cargo Control, CB Hand Chain Hoist, CF Hand Chain Hoist, Chain Sling, Chains, Clamps, Crane Blocks, Cranes, Double Braid Rope, Fall Protection, GrabIQ™ Chains, High Strength Synthetic Rope, Hoists, Hooks and Links, Ice Blue™ Combo Rope, Imperial Crane Wire Rope, Invisiware® Receiver, LB Lever Hoist, Lifting Hardware, McKissick Snatch Blocks, McKissick® Utility Crane Block, Metric Crane Wire Rope, Pacific™ Manila Rope, Polyplus™ - Polydac™ Blended Polyester Rope, Rigging Hardware, Rollers, Rope, Shackles, SlingMax, Slingmax Inc. Chains, Slings, Sockets, Steel Poly Truck Rope, Stop-End Non-Tensioning Fitting, Synthetic Sling, Turn Buckles, Wedge Sockets, Wire Rope, Wire Rope Clip, Wire Sling
Company Information
The Carpenter Group of Rigging Companies http://www.thecarpentergroup.com/
Office Information
222 Napoleon Street
San Francisco California
United States
+1 415 285 1954 +1 415 285 0176
+1 800 40 SLING
Bo Kentner
Director of Sales
Frank Joost
General Manager
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