Kimseed Australia Pty Ltd.

Product/Services List

Aluminium Sieves, Aquaseeder (Hydroseeder Mulcher), Brush Harvester, Camel Pitter - Disc Re-vegetation, Chisel Seeder, Cone Seeder, Cone Seeding Unit, Contour Seeder, Direct Seeder Attachment, Glass Racks, Helicopter Trolley, Linkage Tree Planter Seeder, Mine Seeder, Mining Skip, Precision Tree Seeder, Safety Stairs, Seed Cleaner, Seed De-huller, Seed Scarifier, Seed Threshers, Seeds, Skips, Stackable Bins, Tilts Bins, Tree Planting Auger, TV Camera Mount, Vac Harvester, Vac Separator
Company Information
Kimseed Australia Pty Ltd.
Office Information
3/61 Buckingham Drive
Wangara Western Australia
+61 8 9409 2244
Stephen Hill
Managing Director
Everton Lopes
Production Manager
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