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Blue Water Technologies, Inc.

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Alkaline Earth and Transition Metals Compliance, Arsenic Byproduct Removal, Blue PRO® Reactive Filtration Technology, Cadium Byproduct Removal, Copper Byproduct Removal, Fully Automated and Advanced Control Systems, Lead Byproduct Removal, Mercury Byproduct Removal, Mercury to < 1.3 ng/L, Mining Wastewater Treatment, Nitrogen Compliance, Salts Byproduct Removal, Selenium and arsenic to < 4.7 ug/L, Zinc Byproduct Removal

Company Information
Blue Water Technologies, Inc. https://www.bluewater-technologies.com/
Office Information
10450 N. Airport Drive
Hayden Idaho
United States
+1 208-209-0391 +1 208-209-0396
1 888-710-2583 sales@bluewater-technologies.com
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