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Calciner Burner Block Pre-Cast Parts, Calciner Holding Rings Pre-Cast Parts, Calciner U-Shaped Fluidizer Pre-Cast Parts, Carbon Bake Furnace Bottom Tile Pre-Cast Parts, Carbon Bake Furnace Flue Wall Crown and Port Block Pre-Cast Parts, Casting Line, Crucibles, Emergency Dumping Bins, Floor Tiles, Furnace Charging Chutes / Wells, Grey Iron Ladles, High Temperature Reactors, Holding and Melting Furnaces, Induction Furnace Bottoms / Plugs, Induction Furnace Head Blocks, Parts for High Temperature Application, Pre-Heat Furnaces, Reactor Base Rings, Refractory Parts Equipment Design and Manufacture, Siphons / Tapping Tubes, Thermocouple Systems, Transfer Launders / Troughs
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1207, Antonio-Lemaire
Chicoutimi Quebec
G7K 1J2
+1-418-590-2568 +1-418-545-9443
Mike Dandenault
Sales Representative
Luc Flamand
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