Thomas Petroleum

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Automotive Coolants, Bulk Storage and Dispensing Equipment, Chemical Services, Commercial Filters, DELO 400, Diesel Fuel, Extended Life Coolant (ELC), Fuel, Gas Engine Oil, Gasoline, Gear Lube, Gear Lube ESI, Grease, HDMO (Heavy Duty Motor Oil), Heavy Duty AntiFreeze, Heavy Duty Cleaners, Heavy Duty Coolants, Industrial Coolants, Industrial Oil, Industrial Oils, IsoClean™ Fluid Conditioning Services, LubeWatch® Oil Analysis, Lubricants, Machine Oils, Marine Oil, Metal Working, On-Site Frac Fueling Services, On-Site Lubrication Services, Paper Machine, PCMO (Passenger Car Motor Oils), Product Integrity Program, Purolater Filters, Railroad Oil, Silicone Spray, Solvents, Spill Response, Stationary AntiFreeze, Supreme Motor Oil, Thomas EP Gear Lube, Thomas HDMO Motor Oils, Thomas Hyrdaulic and Rock Drill Oil, Turbine Oil, Used Oil and Coolant Removal, Vendor Managed Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory - Fuel Card Lock, Vendor Managed Inventory - Mobile On-Site Fueling
Company Information
Thomas Petroleum
Office Information
PO Box 1876
Victoria Texas
United States
+1 800 987 7204
Brad Christiansen
Sales Manager
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