Cannon Instrument Co.

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ASTM Method Lab Instrumentation, Automatic and Moisture Titrators, Automatic Viscosity Determination, Bath Coolers, Certified Reference Standards, Cold Cranking Simulators, Constant Temp Baths, Density / Specific Gravity Meters, Digital Paddle Viscometers, Digital Vacuum Regulators, Fuel Stability Analyzers, Glass Capillary Viscometers, High Temperature High Shear Viscometers, In-Service Oil Viscosity Measurement, Lab Equipment, Mini-Rotary Viscometers (MRV), miniQV®-X, Pro-Pak Distillation Packing, Refractometers, Rotary Viscometers, SimpleVIS® Portable Viscometer, Small Sample Adapter Kit & UL Adapter Kit, Tanaka Instruments, TE-BBR and DSR Accessories, TE-BBR Thermoelectric Bending-Beam Rheometer, Thermometers, Vacuum Manifolds, Viscometer Accessories, Zematra® ASA Automated Stability Analyzer
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Cannon Instrument Co.
Office Information
2139 High Tech Road
State College Pará
United States
+1 814 933-0447 +1 814 353-8007
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