Geological Survey of Finland

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Baseline Studies, Diamond Surveys and Heavy Mineral Surveys, Enrichment Studies, Enrichment Technology and Test Plant Operations, Environment and Recycling Studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Risk Assessment, Geological Surveys, Geophyical Services, Grindability Research, Interface Services, Isotapes in Exploration, Map Services, Mineral Technological Environment and Recycling Studies, Mineralogical Characterisation and Process Minerology, Mineralogical Classifications, Minerology in Exploration, Ore Deposit Modelling and Mineral Resource Evaluation, Ore Potential Evaluation, Process Chemistry Measurement, Process Mierology, Process Modelling and Planning, Sampling Services, Training and Consulting Services, Wetland Treatment of Drainage and Seepage Water
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Geological Survey of Finland
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P.O. Box 96
+358 29 503 0000 +358 29 503 2901
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