Western Shelter Systems

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Ablutions, Camp Installation, Camp Rental, Camps, Core Shacks, Diners, Dorms, Drilling Support, Fuel Storage & Management, Generators, Geologic Field Support, Kitchens, Laboratories, Labs, Laundries, Man Camps, Mobile Shelters, Offices, Recreation, Redeployable Housing, Rental Camp Facilities, Rental Camps, Secondary Containment, Shelter Accessories, Shelter Furnishings, Shelters, Sleepers, Temporary Camps, Temporary Power Distribution Systems, Temporary Shelters, Tents, Turn-Key Camps, Water handling Equipment, Water Purification Systems, Workshops
Company Information
Western Shelter Systems http://www.westernshelter.com/
Office Information
PO Box 2729
Eugene Oregon
United States
+1 541-344-7267 +1 541-284-2820
+1 800-971-7201 wss@westernshelter.com
Tim Myhre
Dir Commercial/Industrial
Peter Powell
Dir International
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