Filcon Filters

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Air Filters, Amine Filtration, Back Washing Filters, Backwashing Amine Filter, Bag Filter Housings, Catalyst Bed Protection, Centrifugal Separators, Coalescers, Compressed Air/Gas, Custom Designed Housings, Disinfectant Generators, Filter Bags, Filter Cartridges, Filter Presses, Filtration Products, Filtration Vessels, Fog Dissolvents, FTC Replacement Filters, Gas Coalescers, Gas Filters, High Flow Cartridge Filters, Laboratory Filtration, Liquid Filters for Cartridge Housings, Liquid Filtration Specialists, Mechanically Cleaned Filter Systems, Mechanically Self Cleaning Filters, Oil & Fuel Filtration, Oil Removal Filters, Pressure Filters, Sanitary Housings, Strainers, Two Phase Liquid Separation, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Water Sterilization
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Filcon Filters
Office Information
West Lake Business Park
4 Ibis Park, Bell Cresent
Box 37662, Valyland, 7978
Cape Town Western Cape
South Africa
+27 (021) 702 0979 +27 (021) 702 1989
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