BHD Instrumentation Ltd.

Product/Services List

Calibration Pump Accessories, Clamp Meters, Combustion Analyzers, Construction Tools / Equipment, Current Clamps, Data Loggers, Dead Weight Testers, Digital Force Gauges, Digital Multimeters, Dry Well Calibrators, Flow Meters, Fluke Accessories, Frequency Calibrators, Ground Resistance Testers, Hand Held Tachometers, HART Communicators, HVAC / Indoor Air Quality, Hydraulic Pressure Pumps, Industrial Calibration Combo Kits, Infrared IR Windows, Insulation Resistance Testers, Laser Distance Meters, Magnetic Level Gauges and Accessories, Mico Ohmmeters, Motorized Test Stands, Nitrogen Calibration Source, Non-Contact Voltage Detectors, Phase Rotation Indicators, Pneumatic Pressure Pumps, Portable Shaker Tables, Power Quality Analyzers, Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Process Calibrators, Process Panel Meters, Ralston Fittings, Scopemeters, Temperature Transmitters, Thermal Imagers, Thermal Lenses, Thermocouple Calibrators, Thermography Training, Thermometers, Torque Testers, Tube Fittings, Underground Cable Locators, Vibration Switches, Vibration Testers, Vibration Transmitters

Company Information
BHD Instrumentation Ltd.
Office Information
8505 Argyll Road
Edmonton Alberta
T6C 4B2
1-800-565-3317 +1 (780) 988-5177
Stafford Garvin
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