Ketchem Construction Company

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Automatic Track Switches, Bearings, Brake Components, Buffers, Compliance and Capacity Upgrades, Consulting Services, Control Cables, Crane Rental, Demolition Services, Electrical Upgrades, Elevator Components, Elevator Installations, Emergency Escape Systems, Engineering, Engineering Consulting and Design Services, Field Installation, Field Repair and Maintenance, Gears, Hoists Installation and Erection, Knuckle Rollers, Mine Elevators, Mine Hoists, Refurbished Equipment, Relocation of Mine Hoisting Equipment, Rope Sockets, Rubbing Blocks, Sheaves Rope Support Structures, Steel Erection, Stuctural Steel, Switches, Turnkey Hoist, Wire Rope Cleaning and Lubrication Systems, Wireless Brake Care Transmitters
Company Information
Ketchem Construction Company
Office Information
105 Ketchem Lane
Waynesburg ParĂ¡
United States
+1 724 627 5706 +1 724 627 3163
+1 800 969 0191
John Ketchem
Penny Ketchem
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