Contango Strategies Limited

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Acid Mine Drainage, Aerating Channels, Aerobic Wetlands, Alga and Cyanobacteria, Biogeochemistry, Biorestoration, Cold Climate, Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems, Contaminated Soils, Contract Research and Process Development, Energy Derived Produced or Process Waters, Genetic Sequencing Services, Hybrid Treatment Systems, In Situ Pit Treatment, Independent Process Testing and Validation, Industrial Processes, Landfill Leachate, Microbial Community Profiling, Microbiology and Biochemistry, Mine Effluent & Seepage, Natural Enhancement Solutions, Passive Water Treatment, Post-Closure Treatment, Reducing Wetlands, Remediation Services, Restoration Services, Soil Bioremediation and Restoration, Successive Alkalinity Producing Systems
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Contango Strategies Limited
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LFK Biotechnology Complex
15-410 Downey Road
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
S7N 4N1
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