Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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Belt Conveyor Components, Bucket Elevator Components, Chain Sprockets, Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Chains & Flights, Conveyor Idlers, Drag Conveyor Components, Elevator Belts, Elevator Bolts & Fasteners, Elevator Buckets, Engineering Plastic Products, HDPE Rod, HDPE Sheet, HDPE Tube, Inpact Belt, Nylon Gear Wheels, NYLON Sheet, Rod and Tube, Parts for Sieves and Screens, POM Sheet and Rod, PTFE Rod, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Tube, Screw Flights, Sieve Cleaners and Pan Cleaners, Sieve Cleaning Balls, UHMWPE Sheet and Rod
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Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd
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47 Canterbury Road
Braeside Victoria
+61 3 9587 8755 +61 3 9580 2221
Steven Ng
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