BDI - Bearing Distributors, Inc.

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Abrasive- Belts/Wheels/Cutoffs, Abrasives, Actuators, Adhesives, Air Pneumatic Tools, Ball Screws, Bearings: Linear, Belting, Bucket Elevators, Bushings, Carbide Cutters, Carbide Inserts, Casters, Clutches / Brakes, Compressors, Conveyor Belt Fabrication, Conveyor Systems, Couplings, Cutting Tools, Cylinders, Diamond- Core Bits/Wheels, Drills- Carbide/Cobalt/HSS, Dryers, Electrical Controls, Electrical: Soft Starts, Engineered Chain, Filters, Fittings, Gear Drives, Grinding Wheels, Heaters, Hose, Hydraulic Cylinders, Industrial Supplies & Equipment, Installation Lock Nuts, Lead Screws, Lock Washers Shafting, Lubricants, Lubricators, Measuring Instruments, Mechanical Clutches & Brakes, O-Rings, Open Gearing, Power Tools, Power Transmission, Pulleys, Pumps, Quad Rings, Regulators, Retaining Rings, Roller Chain, Safety Supplies, Screw Conveyors, Seals, Shafting, Sharpening Stones, Sheaves, Torque Devices, Tubing, U-Joints, Valves

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BDI - Bearing Distributors, Inc.
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8000 Hub Parkway
Cleveland Ohio
United States
+216 642-9100 +216 642-9573
Bill Shepard
Marketing & e-Business Manager
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