Crosible, Inc.

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Basic Compact Filter Elements, Candle Filter Bags, Centrifuge Liners, Cerafil Green, Cerafil TopKat, Cerafil XS, Compact Filter Sleeves, Drum Pan Disc Covers, Dust Bags, Enabling Technologies, Engineered Solutions, Filter Cartridges, Filter Plates, Filter Press Fabrics, Fluidised Bed Dryers, Horizontal Vacuum Belts, Industrial Fittings, Kelly Bags, Metal Belts, Press Belts, Pressure Leaf Covers, Screen Print, Screening Fabrics, Sifters & Connectors, Spiral Belts, Test Sieves, Tower Press Belts, Venturis & Gaskets, Vessel Bags, Woven Filter Belts
Company Information
Crosible, Inc.
Office Information
87 West Cayuga Street
Moravia New York
United States
+1 (315) 497-2960 +1 (315) 497-0324
+1 (800) 448-9900
Timothy Ormsby
Office Information
Crosible Filtration Inc.
1300 Duxbury Court
Arlington Texas
United States
+1 817-860-7314 +1 817-860-2955
Office Information
Crosible Filtration Ltd.
449 Laird Road Unit 5
Guelph Ontario
N1G 4P7
+1 519-837-1790 +1 519-837-1799
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