Harrington Hoists, Inc.

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3-Phase Cylinder Control Hoists, Air Chain Hoists / Trolleys, Air Powered Hoists, Complete Crane Systems, Convertible Single Girder Cranes, Convertible Single Girder End Trucks, Crane Components, Double Girder End Trucks, Electric Chain Hoists / Trolleys, Electric Wire Rope hoists / Trolleys, Ergonomic Chain Hoists, Hand Chain Hoists, Hoist & Trolley Combos, Hoist Load Testers, Jib & Gantry Cranes, Large Capacity Air Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists, Low Headroom Tolley Hoists, Manual Chain Hoists / Trolleys, Navy Trolley Hoists, Single Phase Hoists / Trolleys, Three Phase Hoists / Trolleys, Three Phase Wire Rope Hoists, Top Running Single Girder Cranes, Top Running Single Girder End Trucks, Ultra-Low Headroom Wire Rope Trolley / Hoists, Underhung Single Girder Cranes, Underhung Single Girder End Trucks, Universal Beam Clamps
Company Information
Harrington Hoists, Inc. http://www.harringtonhoist.com/
Office Information
401 West End Ave.
Manheim ParĂ¡
United States
+1 717-665-2861
+1 800-233-3010
John Speelhoffer
Sales Rep
Office Information
Harrington Hoists, Inc. - Western Division
2341 Pomona Rd. No. 103
United States
+1 951-279-7500
+1 800-317-7111
Mark Nelson
Sales Rep
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